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I am proud of successfully partnered with my agents. Our mission is to make an impact in the community through support, learning and personal growth with the goal of a consistent positive experience for our clients.

Founder, Managing Broker


A Broker making impact


Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.


Take your real estate business to the next level.


Progress is obtained through change. Grow is on the other side of pain.


Not everything is about real estate. Find your passion, develop your character and make an impact.

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He is a knowledgeable, responsive and kind man with integrity.
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I feel very comfortable with the outstanding help and support provided whenever is needed. 
_Mario Idrovo,Urban Select Agent
I have enjoyed working with Miori and Urban Select Realty. I have the autonomy to work freely and prioritize my work flow. Jose is a great resource who has always helped me very timely and accurately.
_Monte Marshall,USR Network Agent
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213Happy Clients
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The 1% Rule
The 1% Rule
It masterfully explains how small daily progress can account for massive change in the long run.
Learning to Breathe Fire
Learning to Breathe Fire
Learning to Breathe Fire narrates the story of how CrossFit became an elite sport. The so called sport...

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Real Estate as a strong negative reputation. Our purpose is making sure all the agents that join our company succeed while our clients receive a consistently superb service.

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A personal journey of discovery to be shared with the world.